Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide

I have often thought about starting a blog to share some of my inner thoughts but did not have the inspiration to do so until today.

My husband just shared the news that Anthony Bourdain committed suicide last night in a hotel room in Strasbourg France while shooting a new episode of “Parts Unknown”.

I have always enjoyed watching this show, as it brought together two of my favorite hobbies- cooking and international travel. The episodes did a wonderful job of capturing “real life” in so many parts of the world. Local people shared their thoughts, opened their homes, cooked their favorite ethnic foods and sometimes even shared their political opinions……  opening the viewing world to many new experiences that perhaps would have forever remained “unknown”.

There was often a hint of sadness or dissatisfaction in Anthony. It felt as if he might be searching for an answer or something that was lost or missing from within himself.

From the viewpoint of a Shamanic Practitioner, we would see this feeling of “something lacking” as the need for a Soul Retrieval- a ceremony that is performed to bring back certain “parts” or “pieces” that we believe have been lost or stolen from the client.

Soul loss can keep one from feeling happy, satisfied, balanced, empowered or finding their true purpose in this lifetime.

The Soul Retrieval is not a complicated process and it has brought much relief and a sense of well-being to many clients over the years.

(Of course, if there is any indication that this is a related medical condition, then it should definitely be addressed with a doctor right away!)

I am sad that Anthony is no longer with us. Perhaps there was a double meaning to the title of his show. Was he personally searching the world for his own “Parts Unknown”?

In all of his travels, I only wish that he could have met a healer who might have helped him navigate these often times turbulent waters… find the balance, joy and gratitude that may have been missing within.

I am also sorry that I never met him.

Rest in Peace Anthony Bourdain.