Soul Line Clearing Ceremony

Arlington Metaphysical Chapel
Arlington, VA
Held on July 31, 2017

“I was delighted to have Lynn Chambers and Deb Heisel conduct a beautiful Sound Healing and Soul Clearing Ceremony for myself and guests at our concluding ceremony on July 31st here at AMC.  I wanted to take the time to share my personal experience from the evening, although I can imagine that “individual results may vary.”

I will start by saying that I am used to meditating and relaxing my mind/body/soul.  Although not a requirement, I think the ability to quiet the mind and being receptive helped me to have an amazing experience.  

Shortly after the Sound Healing and Soul Clearing ceremony began I heard myself called by a name that is very important to me and to my soul.  Upon hearing it, I saw a beautiful spiraling image of lifetime after lifetime.  Different races, genders and cultures.  I recognized them all.  I was taken to a past life when I was a Native American brave.  I fought in a battle with one of my closest friends and trusted tribal leader.  I recognized him as one of my dearest friends in this lifetime.  He died during the battle and even though we won I could feel the confusion in my soul regarding winning and losing; success versus failure.  While history or my tribal elders may have viewed it as a victory, the personal loss made me view it as a failure.  I found that the lessons of success and failure to be a recurring theme throughout my experience that evening.

Another vision during the Soul Clearing ceremony showed me as a Viking warrior.  Killing, plundering, all for the glory of Odin.  When I died in battle I was grateful, the only way to die for a true Viking.  Expecting to be in Valhalla, I instead found the afterlife to be nothing like what I believed in nor what I expected.  I thought I was successful because of the way I lived as a warrior and having died on the battlefield.  I thought I had failed because Valhalla was not where I ended up.  I questioned the meaning of this and had to grow out of this concept.  Again I was learning about success and failure.  

I then traveled to the stars where I witnessed a kaleidoscope of colors merging out of what looked exactly like a Trinity Knot.  Beautiful colors and light shining through it.  Then I was back in this lifetime.  Seeing the past, present and future.  I was reminded of the lessons of the past regarding success and failure; both in life and in death.  I was reminded to see passed all of it and to let go of the concepts of success and failure.  I was imparted with the wisdom and mindset to be proud of the journey my soul has taken.  I was again referred to as a name that is very special to me; and my visual journey concluded.

I look forward to having Lynn and Deb return to AMC in the future.  I would recommend and endorse any of their programs and activities.“ 

Sincerely, Brian C. Funk, Pastor at Arlington Metaphysical Chapel ~ August 2017 

“The energy was fabulous and I felt great the next 2 days. I felt exhilaration, lighter, taller, thinner and quite clear and clean! The next day I was in a more balanced mood and did not get cranky about anything, especially work.

The vibration I experienced with Lynn and Deb was some of the highest I’ve ever encountered.   As a little more time has passed and I’ve lived my day to day life, I have moments of being aware of that lovely vibration. Most of the time I’m close to it, but not quite as high.

I have noticed the following:

I’m less “traumatized” by current events, especially political and violent ones. And, I find myself less drawn to a seemingly human response to “watch the train wreck”.

I can access peacefulness and love more easily, and it feels fantastic and freeing!

My energy experience with Lynn and Deb has shown me I can reach amazing vibrations”. 

Mary M. ~ August 2017