Ceremonies, Classes and Workshops

Classes and Ceremonies

Introduction to Shamanic Sound Healing

You will be introduced to techniques for proper breathing, how to ground your energy and “toning your chakras”. These practices will assist you in increased circulation, clearer concentration, less stress, and an overall feeling of well-being. You will also experience sounds and vibrations from multiple healing instruments that will act as a catalyst for opening and clearing any stuck energies in your body and auric field that are ready to be released. The class will assist you in beginning your journey to wholeness.

No prior knowledge is necessary. (2–hour class)

Introduction to “The Shamanic Journey”

Journeying is a beautiful, rich process, which connects you with Creator every time you enter this altered state of being.

Through the beat of the drum, you enter this meditative space where you may find direction on unanswered questions as well as meet spirit guides and animal allies who wish to work with you in your everyday life.

The journey is the primary work of a Shaman This class will help you learn to access this wisdom for yourself. (2–hour class).

Pipe Healing Ceremony   

This special ceremony provides an opening to communication with Creator thru the healing pipe. After being cleared with the smoke of white sage, and the “opening of directions” you will sit in circle and hear the story of how White Buffalo Calf woman brought the healing pipe to the Lakota people. After the pipe has been filled with a special ceremonial herbal/ tobacco blend, we will begin prayer rounds. Each participant in the circle will have an opportunity to pray with the pipe, smoke it if they wish and send their prayers up to Creator. As each person present is supporting the prayers of the others, this ceremony holds great power. (2-hour ceremony)

peace pipe


No Workshops are scheduled at this time.