My Journey

I was born and raised in Athens Georgia during a simpler time, when going outside to play meant creating our own magic!

familyDressed in our leotards and tiaras, we relished in playing make believe with our imaginary friends in a special place we lovingly called “Fairyland”.

My studies were concentrated in French and Interior Design and I graduated with a BA from Converse College in South Carolina. My French professor, Elisabeth Epting, instilled a deep love of all things French, which has followed me all of my life. I had the opportunity to study in Southern France and delighted in each experience.

My first job was in the Hospitality Industry during the 1980s, when it was difficult for women to excel professionally. Hard work and flexibility were key to success, so I gladly accepted relocations to Atlanta, Houston, Miami and Washington DC.  Promotions followed and I enjoyed personal and professional travel to places such as Egypt, Kenya, Greece, the Philippines, Italy, France, Germany, Hawaii, Mexico, Canada and the UAE.

I was living in Miami, and although I seemed to “have it all”, there was just something missing and I began to feel unfulfilled in my life. I was ending a bad relationship when I had a professional setback which threw me into a downward spiral. I knew that I needed to find someone who could help.

I was led to a Native American healer who performed my first healing ceremony. It felt authentic and strangely familiar. As she drummed and called in the directions, I was swept onto the wings of the eagle. I experienced my very first “shamanic journey” and had a vision of a beautiful Native American woman all dressed in white buckskin. I was deeply impacted when she gazed at me, nodded and then turned away.

The healer explained that I had just seen White Buffalo Calf Woman and that one day she would be very important for me. I later found out that 2000 years ago, it was WBCW that brought the healing pipe to the Lakota people. She taught them how to pray with the pipe and instructed them in living in harmony with other tribes. For the native people, she was the female equivalent of Jesus.

The healing I had received was a powerful catalyst and my life began to change. I was pulled onto what Native Americans call “the red road” or “the right path of life”.

My career re-energized and I moved forward with one foot anchored in each world. I began an accelerated path of Shamanic studies which brought a feeling of joy, balance and contentment back into my life. A Native woman gifted me with a very special healing pipe which has brought profound teachings to me as well as to others who have smoked and prayed with it during healing circles.

Studies surrounding the Priestess and Divine Feminine energies has blended seamlessly with my Shamanic path. Sound Healing has also brought a new and exciting dimension to my work. During my trainings, I personally experienced profound shifts and changes as well as witnessing transformations in others. I truly honor the healing power of sound!

This work has fulfilled my life spiritually, personally and professionally. friendsAfter being single for 48 years, I manifested a wonderful husband and 2 precious rescue puppies named Snoopy and Gizmo. I have been so blessed!

Spirit spoke to me as a small child, offering the magic and wonder of a Fairyland journey. Little did I realize that one day these journeys would actually change people’s lives forever.