Private Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions for Individuals

Traditional Shamanic Healing

These sessions will be tailored to your specific needs. I specialize in Journey work, Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Cord Cutting, and Chakra Balancing. You will also be shown how to ground your energy daily and open to receive your guidance. As with all sessions, I may be guided by Spirit to perform unique ceremonies to assist you with your healing journey.

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Shamanic Sound Healing

Incorporated within a traditional Shamanic Healing session will be a multitude of instruments; Drums, Rattles, Crystal Bowls and Pyramids, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning forks, Gongs, and tingshas.  All instruments will work together to open, clear, and release any traumas or ‘dis-ease” that may be housed within your physical or energy body.

Traditional Tibetan Healing Bowl Sessions

As you relax on a specially designed sound table, 7 sacred Nepali singing bowls will be placed on and around your body. As each bowl is gently sounded, you will experience total peace and calm. These deep tones form a sacred healing grid within-assisting in the release of any stress or trauma which you may be holding.

As these vibrations penetrate deeply within your core, each bowl will sing its unique song of healing. A very special magic happens each time these bowls are sounded – some call it “soul medicine”.

*Therapeutic as well as relaxation sessions are offered- please inquire.

Gong Therapy Session

Experience a private gong session as you relax, release and transform.

The gong, a very sacred instrument, is thought by many to harness the healing power of the universe.

It stimulates you not only thru sound, but also thru vibration. As it washes over your skin surface layer after layer, it caresses each nerve ending like a continuous massage. As the gong continues to sound, it opens a portal into another realm of consciousness as you are swiftly brought into a meditative state.

The sounding of the gong reminds us of the expansive nature of the universe before it was formed-and of the nature of the soul before it became embodied in this limitation of time and space.As we connect with this power through conscious breathing and intention, the balance and flow of energy in the body is restored on all levels- physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  This new relationship within the body opens all channels to clarity and healing- thus enabling our transformation.

The cosmic resonance of the gong reminds us of who we really are- instead of who we think we have become. The gong helps to release old patterns of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and behaviors- opening new pathways to clearer thinking and actions, with a renewed zest for life.

Chakra Clearing

A beautiful clearing ceremony to assist you in feeling balanced, connected and regenerated.  A special sacred vessel with a healing crystal on one end and a rose quartz crystal on the other end is filled with water and positioned over each of your chakras. One at a time, your chakras will open, release and clear, allowing a feeling of total peace and ultimate relaxation.

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