Private Healing Sessions

Healing Sessions for Individuals


Traditional Shamanic Healing

These sessions will be tailored to your specific needs. I specialize in Journey work, Soul Retrieval, Extraction, Cord Cutting, and Chakra Balancing. You will also be shown how to ground your energy daily and open to receive your guidance. As with all sessions, I may be guided by Spirit to perform unique ceremonies to assist you with your healing journey.

Journey Work  When one enters a hypnotic state through the sound of a drum or rattle in order to ascertain hidden information.
Soul Retrieval  When severe trauma occurs causing parts or pieces of the soul to leave the body, the shaman performs a soul retrieval which will return strength and a sense of wholeness once again.
Extraction  The spiritual removal of an intrusion which is causing distress, illness or loss of power.

Cord Cutting  A ceremony performed to spiritually sever any ties to another person or thing that are no longer desired or have become unhealthy.
Chakra Clearing  Energy work which is performed on the 7 chakras in order to keep the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of the body, in balance.

Shamanic Sound Healing

Incorporated within a traditional Shamanic Healing session will be a multitude of instruments; Drums, Rattles, Crystal Bowls and Pyramids, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning forks, Gongs, and tingshas.  All instruments will work together to open, clear, and release any traumas or ‘dis-ease” that may be housed within your physical or energy body.

Traditional Sound Healing

Sessions will focus on a blending of various sounding instruments as a means to open and clear any blockages allowing for a feeling of total expansion and ultimate relaxation.

Traditional Tibetan Healing Bowl Sessions

These sacred hand hammered bowls from Nepal will vibrate very deeply into your body, singing their song of healing, deeply into your core. Each bowl’s unique tone creates a sacred geometry pattern which then creates a grid of healing. There is a very special magic that happens each time these bowls are played. They will sound deeply into your very soul!   

Karmic Release Ceremony

This ceremony was channeled to me in 2012. You will be led on a journey back through all of your past lifetimes, to your very first incarnation on the earth. You will be surrounded by your guides as this journey enfolds you in a vortex of healing and transformation. If you are ready for this total release, you will feel lighter, freer, and much more expanded. This is a powerful ceremony.

Chakra Clearing

A beautiful clearing ceremony to assist you in feeling balanced, connected and regenerated.  A special sacred vessel with a healing crystal on one end and a rose quartz crystal on the other end is filled with water and positioned over each of your chakras. One at a time, your chakras will open, release and clear, allowing a feeling of total peace and ultimate relaxation.