Lynn Chambers Qualifications

Qualifications and Training

1996- Began studies in Energy Healing- Miami, FL

1998 – Received the Rites of “Magnified Healing” from Gisele King and Kathryn Anderson-Miami, FL.

1999- Began studies in Andean, Native American, Celtic, and Tibetan Shamanism.

2001- Completed 2 levels of training on the Andean path with the Shamanic Healing Institute in Washington DC.

2001- Completed Shamanic training with Nina “White Spring” Gibson – Fairfax, VA

2002- Completed a 1 year intensive with the Polarity and Shamanic Studies Center in Washington, DC.

2003- Traveled to Peru to study with Juan Nunez Del Prado, and received the Rites of a 4th Level Paco in the Andean Tradition.

2003- “Gifted” a Native American Peace Pipe and given the rituals of the Pipe Ceremony

2003- Ordained through the Circle of the Sacred Earth in Massachusetts

2003- Studied “Exploring Sound and Healing with Crystal Bowls”- The Institute for the Advancement of Service- Alexandria, VA

2003-2005- Completed the “Priestess Process” – Washington, DC and received the title of Magdalene High Priestess

2004- Completed course in Facilitator Training with Lisa Michaels- Atlanta, GA 

2004- Affiliated with the Fellowship of Isis- Clonegal, Ireland

2004- Studied Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon- Crystal City, VA

2005- Ordained through The Madonna Ministry 

2005- Attended the International Shamanic Conference- Santa Fe, NM

2007- Studied- with Sandra Ingerman- Santa Fe, NM

2007- Attended the International Shamanic Conference- Santa Fe, NM

2009- Studied with Tom Kenyon for Sound Healing Training- Norwalk, Connecticut

2009- Received the Rites of Kundalini Reiki- Adele Linsalata- Columbia, MD

2009-2011- Assisted with The Circle of Master Healers at St., Albans Church-Washington, DC-

2011-2014- Co-facilitated “The Goddess Weekend” with Gretchen Horst (The Dorr Center)– Yogaville, VA

2012- Toltec Training with Sergio Magaña- Ashland, Oregon

2012- Psychic Awareness Training with Cherie Hickman- Sterling, VA

2016- Received certification as “Sound Healer” through completion of Sound Healing Intensive with Jonathan Goldman- Boulder, CO

2017- Received 3rd level certification and accreditation by the State of Colorado for Sound Healing Studies from Atmabuti (Soul Medicine) Sound and Vibrational School -Boulder, CO

2018 – Attended “The Humming Effect” Sound Healing Training with Jonathan and Andi Goldman, Yogaville, VA

2018- Joined the Society for Shamanic Practice

2018- Joined the Sound Healers Association


*In addition to my formal training, I also made Spiritual Pilgrimages to Ireland in 2004, Iona in 2008 and Portugal and Southern France in 2014.